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13 Very Bad Days and How God Fixed Them

13 Very Bad Days and How God Fixed Them

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Kids will discover how God fixed some very bad days for 13 people from the Bible and learn that the same God of long ago watches over them—and knows how to fix their very bad days too!

Series Description:

"What do we do with the kids?"

Small Group Solutions for Kids offers easy-to-lead sessions to keep kids engaged, entertained, and growing in their faith! While parents are meeting, gather elementary-age kids together and dive in.

Each session is:

  • Flexible—adaptable for 2 to 12 children
  • Multi-aged—because you're never sure who'll show up
  • Low-prep—using supplies from your kitchen, office, or garage
  • 45 minutes of fun—with time-stretchers to fill an hour

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