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The Lies Couples Believe by Dr. Chris Thurman

The Lies Couples Believe

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Are faulty beliefs damaging your marriage?

If you are experiencing conflict, anger, or hurt in your marriage, you don’t need positive thinking or an escape clause—you need to replace the lies you believe with God’s transforming truths for your relationship to become all that it was meant to be.

According to Dr. Chris Thurman, everyone enters marriage with misguided attitudes and expectations such as:“My spouse is a bigger mess than me.”

  • “My spouse is a bigger mess than me.”
  • “The purpose of marriage is to be happy.”
  • “My spouse should meet all my needs.”

This practical book dismantles the ten most common lies couples believe and helps you renew your mind with God’s truths for a more caring, close, and connected marriage.

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Publication Date: October 1, 2015

About the Author

Dr. Chris Thurman is the bestselling author of The Lies We Believe and numerous other books. He is a Christian psychologist and has conducted hundreds of personal growth seminars that have helped thousands of people. Chris and his wife, Holly, have three grown children and live in Austin, Texas.