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Action Bible Curriculum Digital Edition Quarter 1

The Action Bible Curriculum Quarter 1 - Digital Edition

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Based on the best-selling Action Bible®, this brand-new curriculum challenges preteens to take the leap from Bible information to life transformation. The Action Bible Curriculum is designed with the understanding that preteens are seeking spiritual answers and developing their own value systems. Preteens will explore Scripture, ask questions, build relationships and connect timeless truth to their lives today.  

The action begins in Quarter 1 with creation, the fall, Cain and Able, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Joseph, Moses, and the Exodus. See how God moved in the lives of His people and what He is doing in our lives today. 

Key Program Details:  

  • For preteens ages 9—12 (grades 4, 5, 6)
  • Flexible format (Classroom or Large Group/Small Group)
  • 60-90 minutes per lesson
  • 13 exclusive videos

Kit includes: PDF Edition Leader Guide, Editable PDF Student Study Sheets, Student Book, access to 13 Lesson Videos, and Lesson Resources including PowerPoint presentations.

The Digital Edition will be delivered in a single zipped file. You'll need Adobe® Reader® to open the PDF files. 

  • The Tier 1 download edition is limited to use for up to 2 leaders 5 students at a single site.
  • The Tier 2 download edition is limited to use for up to 4 leaders and 10 students at a single site.
  • The Tier 3 download edition is limited to use for up to 6 leaders and 20 students at a single site.
  • The Tier 4 download edition is limited to use for up to 8 leaders and 40 students at a single site.
  • The Tier 5 download edition is limited to use for up to 20 leaders and 100 students at a single site.
  • The Tier 6 download edition is limited to use for up to 40 leaders and 200 students at a single site.

Need a license for more than 200 students or for multiple sites? Contact ministry services at 800-332-7543. This product license is good for 26 months. After 26 months, you must purchase another license. 

Scope and Sequence

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Additional Student and Teacher Resources Also Available

The Action Bible Curriculum Scripture Memory Cards are a great addition to the curriculum kits. These illustrated cards feature original art from The Action Bible and include the memory verse and God Statement from each week’s lesson. Use these as both an in-class and take-home resource.

The Action Bible REMIXED CD is a great way for teachers to help set the tone of each week’s lesson. It offers a powerful way for young listeners to enter in and express their worship to our amazing creator.


Notes about product download licensing:

  • Each downloaded file is intended to be used for printing classroom copies and use on a single computer or your teacher’s mobile devices only. The product’s text and artwork may not be extracted and/or reused in other materials without the express written permission of David C Cook.
  • The product is protected by copyright laws and is intended for non-commercial classroom use only. Your use is subject to the End User License Agreement (“EULA”) that accompanies the product files. Additional restrictions may apply.
  • This is a downloadable product—no physical product will ship. Downloadable products cannot be returned, sold, or relicensed. See the EULA for additional terms related to replacement files.