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Echoes Adult Digital Bundle | Winter 2017-2018

Echoes Adult Digital Bundle | Winter 2017-2018

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Nurturing Disciples of All Ages Through Scripture

Guiding Verse: "Enter his gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise; give thanks to him and praise his name." -Psalm 100:4

Transform the hearts and minds of your students with the dynamic, never-changing truth of God's Word. For years, Echoes curriculum has been one of the most widely used resources for African-American churches. Rich in African-American imagery and history, Echoes is easy to use, teacher friendly, strengthens the entire church body with a shared quarterly theme, and is certain to keep students engaged with relevant Scriptural content that applies to their everyday lives.

Each week, Echoes students focus on these four areas:

  • Connecting with each other and with God's Word
  • Studying God's Word together and finding key themes and takeaways
  • Exploring key themes and takeaways through activities and crafts
  • Responding to God's Word by applying it to life

Adult Digital Bundle
Echoes provides African-American adults with a best-selling Sunday school experience that inspires them, promotes community among other adults, and challenges them to continue growing spiritually and understand Bible principles as they take on the responsibilities of marriage, raising children, becoming grandparents, and mentoring others in faith. Digital bundle includes Teacher's Guide (roadmap for teaching each lesson), Comprehensive Bible Study (student resource), The Quiet Hour (a devotional resource coordinated with the Daily Bible Readings in Comprehensive Bible Study), and Creative Teaching Aid (posters, games, reproducibles, and more).


  • Bible-based learning rather than topic-based
  • Comprehensive Bible coverage
  • Culturally relevant topics
  • Highlights in black history
  • All new content every quarterl
  • Easy-to-teach lessons
  • Teacher devotional
  • Understanding the Bible
  • Full of interaction, engaging activities, and discussions
  • Encourages life application throughout the week
  • Follows ISSL (International Sunday School Lectionary, a 6-year scope and sequence
  • Everything at your fingertips
  • Easy to share with staff and volunteers
  • Flexible and affordable for your budget
  • At-home study and devotional resources for students